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How to Throw a Couples Baby Shower - What do you think of when you contemplate of hosting a traditional baby shower? Probably a lot of women cooing over frilly little outfits, unwrapping little booties, and playing party games that might involve guessing the mom-to-be's tummy size.

Dolce Gabbana Sunglasses - Buy Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful rays.

Piano Lesson How To Improvise The Classical Piano Way - Is it possible to improvise on the piano in a classical manner? This piano lesson will help you find out how to cultivate this art and the benefits you reap as a pianist.

Fasttrack Your Guitar Learning - There are many reasons why many people are very eager to learn to play a guitar.

Win Friends Influence People Through Music Is It Possible - Can learning to play a musical instrument really help you "win friends & influence people?" It almost seems like a stretch, but scientific research seems to support the idea.

Play Guitar Like A Pro - The guitar is a wonderful instrument.

Learn How To Play Guitar By Not Having A Guitar - 1) Draw neck diagrams and label the note names on the strings.

Medieval and Renaissance Europe Music - While musical life in Europe was undoubtedly rich in the early Medieval era, as attested by artistic depictions of instruments, writings about music, and other records, the only European repertory which has survived from before about 800 is the monophonic liturgical plainsong of the Roman Catholic Church, the central tradition of which was called Gregorian chant.

Drum And Bass Jungle History And Development Drummers Guide - The history of Drum and Bass Jungle rhythm and music style is relatively short.

Which Ringtone Should You Put on Your New Cell Phone - Want to add a new ringtone to your cell phone, but aren't sure which ringtone to put on it? Take our short quiz and we'll recommend the ringtone that best suits your individuality.

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