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Guitar Tuning Tips
by Edward D Cupler

Most new guitar players and even some experienced ones have trouble staying and playing in tune. I'll try listing here some of the common mistakes and their solutions. When putting new strings on your guitar you must always make sure you stretch them as you tune them to pitch. I always hold them down on the neck around the 24th fret with my left hand while pulling them away from the guitar body with my right hand. You don't have to use too much muscle, a few firm tugs should do the trick.
What is pitch correction? - Can singers actually sing anymore?
by Michael Oliphant

Not all that long ago, record producers and engineers used to spend long hours with singers in the studio making sure that they got the best possible take of their performance. It was very important to make sure that the singer sang everything in tune and that there was no 'pitchiness' or parts of the melody that were sung a little flat or sharp. This was critical for it meant that when it came time to mix the track, there was simply no way to correct a performance for pitch.
Buying the Right Guitar
by Michael Setz

Buying the right guitar can be a lot more difficult than it seems. That's because there are a lot of them to choose from; electric, acoustic, classical, folk, hollow body, semi-hollow body, solid body, 12-string, and 7 string just to name the more common ones. Which one is right for you?
How to Create Backing Tracks If You Don't Play All the Instruments... or Any
by Seth Lutnick

Congratulations! Your singing has become amazing, and it's time the world knew. You've also written some songs that are just kick you-know-what. They need to be recorded, MP3ed and put on the net ASAP. But you've got two problems. First, you can't afford a studio, let alone a band for all this stuff. Second, you don't play all, or any, of the instruments.
How To Play Guitar Like a Pro!
by John Bilderbeck

Having taught the guitar for many years, I see the majority of beginners experiencing the same problems and making the same mistakes over and over again in their quest to learn how to play guitar. It's my job to steer them through these problem areas.
Boss Guitar Pedals
by John Witner

If you are guitar player and you are in the process of deciding on which guitar pedals or guitar effects to buy, it can be a little tricky. We all want to sound like ur rockstar idols but as we all know guitar effects can be very expensive and there are literally hundreds of them. Before you buy a pedal you must decide first on your budget and what kind of music you want to play, is it heavy metal, contemporary rock, blues, and so on
Getting Rhythm - Three Tips for Guitar Beginners
by Darren Power

If you are just starting out learning guitar one of the hardest things can be getting a good rhythm and keeping that rhythm going while you change chords with your left hand. When I first started learning guitar I would strum along happily until the chord change and then my right hand would stop while I changed the position of the left. This makes your playing sound terrible. In fact if you can keep that right hand strumming or picking the sequence, you will sound good. If you are a bit slow with your chord changes and strum some open strings in between you will still sound good. But lose that rhythm and everybody knows that you are messing up.
How To Change Electric Guitar Strings
by Steve Bishop

Did you know that a surprisingly high number of guitar players don’t know how to change electric guitar strings… that is, they can change them, but they don’t do it properly! Here’s a simple guide to getting it right every time.