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Boss Guitar Pedals
by John Witner

If you are guitar player and you are in the process of deciding on which guitar pedals or guitar effects to buy, it can be a little tricky.

We all want to sound like ur rockstar idols but as we all know guitar effects can be very expensive and there are literally hundreds of them.

Before you buy a pedal you must decide first on your budget and what kind of music you want to play, is it heavy metal, contemporary rock, blues, and so on.

If you play a little of everything you are better off with a guitar multi effect whereas you can adjust your sounds to the type of music you want to play, guitar multi effects are more expensive but are very versatile.

If you play one style of music lets say blues then you are better off buying a boss or dod guitar pedal which are less expensive.

We spend outrageous amounts of money on guitar effects just to have the right sound, but sometimes the sound were looking for can cost us a fraction of the price with a simple boss guitar pedal .

About The Author
John Witner
rock guitarist