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Get your Garage Band our of the Garage in into a Gig: Part I: Press Kit and Demo
by Dennis Damp Jr

So you have your garage band and want to know the next step to start performing for an audience. Maybe you are the parent or friend of a band member and feel the band is ready to play some shows. You may just be sick of all the noise coming from the basement where your son or daughters band practices. Well, its not easy to get out of the starting blocks, but with a little hard work, your band can get moving. When your band finally has some songs together and are playing well, now it's time to take the next step. Get the band out of the garage and in to a gig.
Tips for a Great Recording Session
by Richard Dolmat

You know your songs are great (and so does your girl/boyfriend, family, pets etc), and you finally decided to record an album in a real studio. That’s great! But what actually happens when you get there? When you finally do pick the perfect studio, one that you feel comfortable at, there is a certain routine that must be followed in order to get the best performance and the best recording for your budget.
Band Promotion - Book Your Garage Band Some Shows or Gigs
by Dennis Damp Jr.

So you have you press kit and demo CD and want to know what to do next to get your band a gig. Why not try an open mic night at a local club. Most clubs advertise these open mic nights in your local music papers or entertainment magazines. Open mic nights will give your band experience on stage, and the club will most likely have a built in audience to perform for. Most of the time all you have to do is show up with your instruments.
Five Steps to Protecting Your Music and Your Money
by Jeromie Frost

There are a lot of independent labels out there waiting to use a talented musician to make quick money. The offers may seem hard to refuse, especially if you are a struggling artist or band that has struggled to get a record deal. A little money and exposure may seem great for the moment, but you run a high risk of getting contractually bound to that record label for the rest of your life. If a better deal comes along later, you may not be able to accept it, or you may get robbed of your rightful percentages. All of this I learned the hard way.