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Drum And Bass Jungle History And Development Drummers Guide

Jungle was the first of the two styles (Drum and Bass compared to Jungle), emerging around the early 1990s and influenced by the UK hardcore Techno dance scene, specifically the Breakbeat style. Drum and bass began as an offshoot of the UK breakbeat hardcore and rave scene of the late 1980s, and over the first decade of its existence there were many permutations in its style, incorporating elements from Ragga, Dancehall, Electro, Funk, Hip Hop, House, Jazz, Heavy Metal, Reggae, Rock, Techno and Trance. Jungle borrowed the frantic, up tempo electronic rhythms of Techno, while mixing in Reggae bass lines and "Raggamuffin" style vocals (rapping with a Reggae accent and rhythm).

In addition, the growing popularity of programmed Hip Hop beats and rhythms had a profound effect on Jungle music. Toward the middle of the decade, Jungle Djs and composers began experimenting with longer songs, fewer vocals, more synthesizer ambience, Jazz and Funk influence, and live drums, eventually leading to the creation of Drum and Bass (often written as "Drum n' Bass"). Drum and Bass provided a more intellectual side for the Jungle musicians, focusing more on the instrumental portion of the music rather than the song oriented features.

The sounds of drum and bass are extremely varied and to a person unfamiliar to them, there may seem to be little connection between the sub genres. One common, though by no means universal, element is a constant snare drum falling on the off beat, with a less regular kick pattern dancing around it. Modern day drummers like Jo Jo Mayer, Tony Verderosa, Akira Jimbo, Zach Danzinger and Johnny Rabb are quickly becoming well known Drum and Bass Jungle virtuosos. As a drummer, it is important to realize that a live player is not always required in this style.

Nevertheless, it can be quite challenging to perform as a drum set player in Drum and Bass Jungle, because a drummer is usually required to emulate the elaborate rhythms programmed into a drum machine or sequencer. The brisk tempos that are common in Drum and Bass Jungle make the task all the more difficult. In order to reproduce the sounds of Drum and Bass's programmed grooves, it's a good idea to play small drums tuned relatively high, along with small, "trashy" cymbals. It's also a good idea to use electronic drum kits and or triggered systems that enable a drummer to combine authentic Drum and Bass electronic sounds with live playing. The variety of patterns in Drum and Bass Jungle is virtually endless. Grooves can be created by using the consistent eighth note ride hand, the unison, and the linear approaches, as well as combinations of all three.

Though other surfaces besides a closed hi hat can be played by the ride hand, standard hi hat foot accompaniment is not usually included. The basic idea is to strive for a creative but also repetitive drum pattern mostly referred to as a "loop". Improvisation is also a common element.

What distinguishes one from the other is the use of broken up sixteenth notes in the faster patterns of jungle, as opposed to the simpler ambient grooves of Drum and Bass. The tempo range is swift at quarter note = one hundred forty four to one hundred ninety two beats per minute.

By Eric Starg. Pearl Drum Sets and Pearl Snare Drums are widely advertised in major Drum Magazines, nevertheless Eric chooses Yamaha drums.

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