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Which Ringtone Should You Put on Your New Cell Phone

So you know you want to buy a ringtone, but have no idea what kind to look for? Many sites offer a wide variety of different ringtones for numerous cellular carriers. Take the following quiz to help narrow down what type of ringtones you should shop for: 1. I listen to music like _____: a. cheetahs run after prey.

b. cats drink milk. c. dogs bite mailmen.

d. cows eat grass. 2. The kind of music I like listening to when working out is: a.

danceable pop music b. head bobbing hip hop c. aggressive rock d. whatever is on the radio 3. My Ipod: a. has thousands of songs from all different styles.

b. has a good variety of songs, but I don't download often. c. has only my favorite songs. d. I don't have one yet, but I'm hoping to win one.

4. A night on the town must include: a. dancing at a night club b.

dinner at an elegant restaurant c. bellying up to the bar at a watering hole d. tossing out $10 for a flick 5. I think dancing: a. is the best way to express yourself b.

is good fun if the time is right c. is for those who like it, not me d. looks stupid and is silly Scoring for questions: A: 5 points B: 3 points C: 2 points D: 1 point If you scored: 20-25 points: You are club royalty. You don't go to the party, the party comes to you. Your personality is very outgoing, and you know that you only have one life to live.

The music you like to hear is danceable, fresh, and always tearing up the hottest night spots around the world. Recommended Ringtone: "Disco Inferno" by 50 Cent, Rap ringtones, Dance ringtones 15-19 points: You enjoy being out and about, but as a change of pace rather than as a standard. Dancing and being out with your friends is fun if the mood is right.

While you can be a major extrovert, you first have to adjust to the surroundings. You like listening to music and have an eclectic collection, but you don't always follow the latest trends. Recommended Ringtone: "U Don't Have to Call" by Usher or other R&B ringtones 10-14 points: Although you don't hit the town often, it is a blast when you do.

People see you as a quiet type, but those who really know you see a bit of a wild streak. You have a strong opinion and aren't afraid to express what you think. While you listen to music frequently, you have a small list of favorites that you play again and again. Recommended Ringtone: "One Step Closer" by Linkin Park or Rock ringtones 5-9 points: You're the type of person who does their own thing, is very opinionated, and has no fear of telling people what you think. You like being around people, but sometimes doing something solo is cool, too.

The type of music you tend to listen to is a little under the radar to your friends, but you enjoy being on the cutting edge of what is out there. Recommended Ringtone: "Take It Away" by The Used or Alternative ringtones.

http://www.advancedtele.com http://www.monstertones.com Bob Bentz is co-owner of Advanced Telecom Services--a leading provider of 900 numbers and cell phone ringtones.

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