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The guitar is a wonderful instrument. Producing charismatic sound with high quality tunes, it is both a pleasure to learn. Learning it is not difficult. However concentration, practice and application are required if you ever want to become a good musicians. First, you have to decide if you want to learn from the Internet or through a physical course.

There are many good sites online offering you electronic course material with midi files to practice. If you think you have the ability to sit down and have the discipline to control yourself and force your mind into forming a regular habit, then you can take this way out. Of course, you always have the second option of attending a formal music school, this has its own advantages.

You get to meet the teacher face to face and ask your doubts. Moreover, The teacher through a complete set out program will guide help and assist you through the most difficult periods of your guitar learning sessions. He or she will even conduct exercises and contests between many students inspiring you to learn through a qualitative and fun way. Now that we have decided which course you will be following and how, let us get down to brass tax.

On the first day, you will perhaps learn to tune and ready your guitar. Remember, your fingers need to adjust and it might hurt a little at first. After you have learnt to tune, your instrument, you might take up a little reading practice learning and understanding musical notation.

The fun part begins now! Most teachers give you some simple songs after this. You can read and start playing these songs right away! Yes time for impressing everybody with your musical talent. At this time, it might be beneficial to join a guitar forum.

Why not use the great resources provided by the Internet for your purpose? It might just answer those little questions and doubts you might not be willing to ask your instructor. The forum will also tell you about the experiences of other beginners just like you. Which should help in a great way.

Every journey begins with one single step. Now that you have officially started on the road to becoming a great guitarist, do not forget to keep in practice! Remember? "Practice makes a man perfect." Keep up the determination and interest and who knows you might be the next greatest guitar player! The guitar is an instrument that anyone and everyone can learn to play with relative ease. Sure you may not be playing like Slash in a week but with some hard work and effort you will be able to thrill the senses of anyone who hears you. Get out there and start making an impact with your music today and to morrow will be that much better.

S. Stammberger is the editor of Learn Guitar Guide. A meeting place for guitar newbies and pros alike.

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