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How to Throw a Couples Baby Shower

What do you think of when you contemplate of hosting a traditional baby shower? Probably a lot of women cooing over frilly little outfits, unwrapping little booties, and playing party games that might involve guessing the mom-to-be's tummy size. If the baby is a girl, there will be pink galore, and you will most certainly see it on everything from the plates to the cakes. Yet what happens when the event is a couple's baby shower? Obviously, whenever men are involved, things will need to be done a bit differently.

After all, while the mom-to-be might mot mind the attention her tummy gets when the girls are trying to guess the size, it would be downright inappropriate to have the same kind of game at a couples baby shower. Similarly, men are known to not go gaga over pink baby booties, and if men are on the guest list, you will want to make sure the shower is enjoyable for them as well. If you are wondering how to throw a couples baby shower, simply make a few minor modifications to your itinerary.

First and foremost, be sure to spell out that this is a co-ed occasions. You do not want the father-to-be as the lone man in the room, while all the other husbands and boyfriends are congregating on the golf course. Having it spelled out clearly, the men will know that they, too, are invited.

Since this is a bit of a novelty, it is a good idea to make a big deal about it. Try to go easy on pink and frilly decorations, and instead focus on the food. Finger foods are always a big hit, and so are canned sodas. If you are having punch, again, try to stay away from pink! Think of a couple's baby shower as a cross between a Super Bowl party and a traditional baby shower, and the odds are you will come up with some ideas. You might want to have a themed shower with decorations that will not scare the men away or cause them to congregate in a "testosterone corner" but instead you want to draw them out and mingle.

Perhaps rather than playing the traditional games, you might want to do an open mike session for those couples who already have children to give some good advice to the expectant parents. If you do want to go ahead with games, incorporate the disciplines the guys love best - skill and speed - with the new discipline dad-to-be will need to learn: diaper changing! Have a couple of infant sized dolls available and also a bunch of very inexpensive general diapers. As you divide the guests into two teams, explain that the goal is to take off a diaper, and put one on as fast as possible, without moving the infant doll from the table. Men will love the speed aspects, while probably also appreciate the opportunity to practice putting on a diaper!.

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