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Wedding Favors For Men

Let's face it. Men do not want to receive some girly-girly, lovey-dovey wedding favor. They just don't. And realistically speaking, what would they do with it anyway? Probably toss it in the glove box of their car, the kitchen counter or on the top of the dresser where it will eventually get lost or tossed in the garbage.

So, what type of wedding favor can you select to thank the important men celebrating your wedding day with you? Well, there are quite a few options. Let's start with the men in your bridal party and your close family and friends that you'd like to give a special little gift to. You will probably want to give the men that are participating in your wedding as groomsmen, father of the bride or groom, ring bearer and brothers a nicer wedding favor to remember your wedding day with. A few great options are personalized key chains, engraved cuff links, monogrammed coolers, flasks, sports mugs, money clips or golf towels. These personalized items are sure to be used quite often as they are every day items with a special touch with the monogramming or engraving. Men love practical gifts and practical gifts are useful to person receiving the gift.

Choosing wedding favors for the rest of the male wedding guests can be a bit more difficult as you have different ages, tastes, and lifestyles. A guest at 20 isn't thinking about things the same way a guest at 50 would be. So what would be practical to give to a 20 year old such as a tux bottle koozie may not be the right choice to give to older male guests. The best place to start again is by thinking practical. It may not be so easy to choose a one size fits all type of favor so think about selecting three or four different styles of wedding favors for the male guests at your wedding. If you do decide to select a few different favors, it may be easier to keep choose these wedding favors from the same theme.

For example choosing poker key chains, poker place card holders, poker coasters and poker bookmarks is a great selection that would look wonderful on your favor table. Or for a beach themed or nautical themed wedding, think about choosing nautical key chains, sailboat bookmarks, and sailboat bottle stoppers or beach ball bottle stoppers. Many of these favors would be great for the women at your reception also. If you do decide you want to give all the guys the same wedding favor, making a practical choice would be best. A few male wedding favor options to think about could be luggage tags, bottle stoppers, bottle openers, plain candle favors that match your wedding theme, or favor boxes or tins that can be filled with candy or nuts. Taking your time when choosing wedding favors for men, and women too, increases the likelihood that your favor will be kept and used again.

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