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Sending The Perfect Bridal Shower Invitations

Custom Made or Mass Produced? Some bridal shower invitations are definitely better than others. Depending on which approach you choose, you can wind up with invitations that vary greatly in terms of quality. Mass produced invitations are usually created with standard card stock while handmade invitations allow you choose your paper and allow you to use high quality blends that are much nicer to the touch. There is also the possibility that the invitations you send will not be unique when using mass produced bridal shower invitations. Bridal shower invitations are one of the mementos that many of your guests will keep so it pays to make sure you are sending the very best. Essential Information for Bridal Shower Invitations Bridal shower invitations should not only invite your guests to the event, they should contain clear instructions on the location of the shower, any theme that is being used for the bridal shower and an RSVP card that can help you determine the amount of guests you can expect at the bridal shower.

Including a self addressed stamped envelope inside the bridal shower invitation so that your guests can return the RSVP easily is also recommended. Bridal Shower Invitation Styles When creating your bridal shower invitations there are many different approaches and quality levels. A great designer will work with you to achieve the overall look and feel of your bridal shower invitations and may suggest things such as: multi-layered design, color schemes, envelope and seal options as well as wording and layout. Depending on your budget you can go very basic with a one card invitation all the way up to elaborate bridal shower invitations that have many layers and materials. Matching Elements Is Important Bridal shower invitations should, if possible, be approached as a set which includes the bridal shower invitation, RSVP card and return envelope and a letter seal for the main invitation envelope.

You can go a long way in showing your attention to detail and style by making sure these items match both in design and color but also in paper stock. Again, a knowledgeable designer will always have these things in mind when you engage them to create your bridal shower invitations. When to Send Bridal Shower Invitations You want to make sure that your bridal shower invitations are put in the mail with plenty of time for your guests to respond and for you to get a clear count on your guest list. Two to three months is a good time frame to allow everyone to respond and for you to arrange a hotel for out of town guests. With group booking you can usually get a discount on the room rate for your out of town guests.

This information can also be included in your bridal shower invitations. Following the simple steps above can help keep you on track for the bridal shower that you're planning and help you approach your bridal shower invitations with quality in mind. Paying attention to the little details when it comes to your bridal shower invitations can make a memorable impression with your guests and provide them with an high quality memento of your bridal shower. Copyright (c) 2008 James Lingk.

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