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Preparing Students with a Strategic Plan for Education

A future as a healthy and successful adult. And part of that means that most people need to get a job and work. For many students it is the lack of focus that is causing them problems. There is something called a Strategic Plan for Students, a tool that has been designed to help them determine their personal mission, goals, and objectives. Business professionals use this method can help students stay on track when it comes to their academic goals.

A strategic road map for success is used by many companies, and because things change, this plan is often updated more than once a year. These students can can use the same kind of plan to achieve their goals starting in high school. Long term planning will focus on a student's entire education - from high school preparatory to a Masters, leading up to being a professional.

There are five basic points: A mission statement, goals, a strategy, objectives, and the evaluation and review, as follows: 1) Mission Statement - First you should develop an overall mission for one to four years of education, write a paragraph to define this goal. Keep in mind how you are special and how you can tap into your skills, talents and strengths. 2) Selecting Goals - These are general statements identifying a few benchmark goals you'll need to accomplish in order to meet your mission. Don't forget to recognize any weaknesses and create a defensive strategy for these. For example - set aside two hours every night for homework.

3) Planning Strategies - You need to come up with specific tactics for reaching each goal, so for example, if one of your goals is spending two hours each night on homework, then a strategy for reaching that goal is to decide what activities you need to give up. 4) Create Objectives - To include measurable goals towards objects, tools, or evidence of success. For example - the objective for doing two hours of homework is to improve your grades.

Grade "A" your objective. 5) Evaluate Your Progress - It's not really that easy to develop a good strategic plan, and your plan will most definitely change due to unforeseen circumstances and changes in the world,.

Author and social media marketing professional Kristin Gabriel works with Rocco Basile of the the Basile Builders Group based in New York. Basile is involved with several charities including the Joe DiMaggio Committee for Xaverian High School.

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