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Gift Certificates And The Baby ShowerA Simple GIft Idea That The Mom To Be Would Absolutely Love

Maybe you would like to host a baby shower that is a little different than from the usual. The next time you host a baby shower you might want to use gift certificates instead of more traditional gifts. There are many ways to do this.

Talk to the mom-to-be and get an idea of the kinds of gift certificates she would like to have. If you would rather surprise her simply send the baby shower invitations and include information about the gift certificates. You can have a gift certificate theme or just an array of different gift certificates. A gift certificate theme could begin with a storybook baby shower. Think about all the ways you could include storybook characters in your baby shower theme and then ask the guests to bring gift certificates for a local bookstore.

The new mom will then be able to purchase story books for the new baby as well as music CD's. Another possibility for a themed baby shower complete with gift certificates is a shower that is created around a baby's scrapbook. Gift certificates can be given for a scrap booking store and the mom-to-be can purchase the scrapbook she loves as well as all kinds of supplies. Gift certificates could also be given to a store that sells cameras and camera equipment.

Gift certificates for baby showers can have no theme at all. When you send the invitation you can just ask that each guest bring a gift certificate for the new mom. This can be a gift certificate for anything that the new mom might like. These are especially nice for those moms who enjoy shopping. If any of your guests need ideas you might suggest gift certificates for a photo session, decorating services or a morning at the spa. Guests could always give a gift certificate for one of the stores where the parents are registered.

Maybe you know a few of the places where the mom-to-be likes to shop for baby clothes. Everyone could chip in to purchase a gift certificate for a month of housecleaning or a few weeks of professionally prepared meals. You may have a group of friends who are short on cash but long on creativity. Create a book of baby shower gift certificates that include services provided by each of the guests.

There may be a guest who would be willing to provide several hours of child care. Another friend may offer to take photos of the new baby while someone else would give a gift certificate providing scrap booking of those photos. Some people may want to give baby shower gift certificates that promise a few housecleaning sessions or a weekly meal for a month.

Other gift certificates could be given that would provide the new parents with a date night or weekend away. Any of these gift certificates would make excellent baby shower gifts.

Huzaili Aris is the webmaster of http://www.baby-shower-party-ideas.com For more gift ideas that the mom-to-be would absolutely adore, visit our baby shower gift ideas section at http://www.baby-shower-party-ideas.com/baby-shower-gifts.html

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