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Guitar Tuning Tips
by Edward D CuplerAbstract

Most new guitar players and even some experienced ones have trouble staying and playing in tune. I'll try listing here some of the common mistakes and their solutions. When putting new strings on your guitar you must always make sure you stretch them as you tune them to pitch.

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Get your Garage Band our of the Garage in into a Gig: Part I: Press Kit and Demo
by Dennis Damp Jr.

So you have your garage band and want to know the next step to start performing for an audience. Maybe you are the parent or friend of a band member and feel the band is ready to play some shows. You may just be sick of all the noise coming from the basement where your son or daughters band practices. Well, its not easy to get out of the starting blocks, but with a little hard work, your band can get moving. When your band finally has some songs together and are playing well, now it's time to take the next step. Get the band out of the garage and in to a gig. Of course your band won’t make much money at first, but with a well rehearsed act and some leg work your project can get off the ground running. In the following article I will explain a few tips your band or band manager may need to get your band some gigs or shows.

The band’s first step is to put together a quality press kit. A press kit for a start up band is usually comprised of a cover page, artist bio or introduction of the band, band pictures, song list, equipment list, contact and booking information, and a demo tape or CD.

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Music Reviews - Bard of Ely
by Ken Mowery

Good writing has a transcendent quality and possesses the power to transport through time and mindset. Even if it is done purely for the sake of entertainment, good writing enables us to see and experience life from vantage points much different than our own. Steve Andrews (aka The Bard of Ely) offers a complex and varied array of songs that are in short "good writing".

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